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Settling any kind of civil case, including a divorce, is all about making both parties feel empowered. We offer divorce mediation that is more...

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Avoid dragging your children through a nasty child custody case through mediation. Working with both parents, we help you work out an...

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More effective than going to court, employment mediation allows a company to maintain its reputation during an employee dispute...

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Austin Mediation

Mediation of Central Austin - When you need a Austin Mediation Mediator

Mediation Mediator in Austin Texas, can help you resolve your dispute through Mediation. In family law cases parties are court-ordered to attend mediation. Mediation of Central Austin Texas is here to assist you with your Mediation needs. In divorce litigation, there are no winners. In Divorce Mediation, our mediator assists both parties to reach a compromise and control the final outcome. Here are a few reasons why you should consider mediation vs. litigation: The courts are usually full with cases just like yours. By the time your case is called, the judge may be in an unpleasant mood due to the prior cases. Even worse, your case maybe reset for a later date, leaving your future once again uncertain. People who mediate usually end up better off financially and emotionally. Mediation reduces the anger and tension between parents which benefits the children involved. People who litigate their family case in Court usually end up emotionally damaging themselves and their children.

Mediation provides a safe, neutral environment as opposed to the open, cold setting of a courtroom where your private life is on public display. Mediation is a way to avoid the stress and time in court, at Mediation of Central Austin we have the solution. "Spare yourself the courtroom drama!"

Call Today (512) 498-4994, and schedule your mediation. We are your Austin Mediation Center.

We Help You With

  • Divorce
  • Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship
  • Modifications
  • Child Custody and Child Support
  • Visitation/Possession and Access
  • Employment Mediation
How a Austin Mediation Can Help You

Mediation of Central Austin is not just another mediation company. We take a personal interest in your mediation case. We have a high settlement rate. Mediation of Central Austin specializes in Divorce Mediation, Child Custody Mediation, Paternity Mediation and Employment Mediation. We help parties come to an agreement and rebuild their lives. Our primary Austin Mediation Mediator, Jo Ann Torrez, is an experienced family law attorney and knows first-hand the negative effect litigation has on families, especially children. Let us help you save the expensive legal fees and court costs associated with litigation. All communication in mediation is confidential. This aspect of mediation helps promote an open and honest conversation between parties. If your case does not settle in mediation, any settlement offer made by either party is prohibited from disclosure at trial. Hablamos español.


five stars

“Jo Ann helped me and my wife navigate the complex divorce process with clarity and consideration for both sides. She didn't judge, show favoritism and didnt rush us through the process. We were thoroughly impressed and highly recommend Jo Ann if you're looking for a guide and mediator for your divorce ”

- Alex Puhl, Austin Texas 2017


five stars

“After a year arguing through the courts, thousands spent in attorney's fees and so much at stake, we took a shot at mediation. To this day I'm still amazed how mediation of central austin settled our case. Mediation of Central Austin.......Phenomenal! "The Best Mediators!”

- S. Gardner, Austin Texas


five stars

“Convenient scheduling, very polite staff! No hidden fees! Mediator was very seasoned, "Extremely knowledgeable! ”

- Leslie W.


five stars

“Exceptional mediator! We scheduled mediation for 4 hours, but reached an agreement in 2 hrs. Hearing our difference from a neutral party made it easy to settle our case. "Very highly trained Mediator! ”

- Richard. C, Austin Texas


five stars

“it's nicer to choose the outcome of your own fate than to have a judge make that decision for you”

- S. Chaudhary, Austin Texas 2012

Mediation in Austin Texas

Texas Mediation Mediator in Austin, can help you recover from a divorce or separation from a partner? Instead of filing a court case, consider mediation to help you move forward. Parties are more likely to follow the terms of a mediated settlement agreement than a decision made by the Court, preventing FUTURE litigation. Whether you need a divorce or child custody mediation, or some other type of mediation, we are committed to helping you settle your case before it goes to Court. Should you have any questions about services please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Our Goal at Mediation of Central Austin

With over 15 years of legal experience in all areas of the law, but primarily family law. You will receive compassionate treatment that allows you to emerge from a legal dispute with your emotions and pride intact.

Call us today at (512) 498-4994 or e-mail us to set your divorce or child custody mediation appointment, and take control of your life.